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    Security is no longer an option, which is why at we have partnered with INetU to have formed the Security Operations Center (SOC). As leaders in cloud security and compliance, INetU assembled a team of certified (CISSP, CISA) experts in our SOC to engineer, implement and secure your environment to ensure that it is protected around the clock.

    We ensure that your systems are secure and compliant. It starts with understanding your requirements and designing the right architecture to meet them. Your unique security and compliance requirements are uncovered during the consultative design process, implemented through worry-free onboarding, and proactively monitored throughout. Instead of leaving it all up to you, we works with you to mitigate risks before an attack and in the event of an attempted attack, we work together to defend your environment and therefore your business. To help ensure that you meet your compliance mandates, we provides HIPAA and PCI compliance dashboards and audit support, as we work together with you to better ensure you remain compliant.

    Included in your custom infrastructure is the latest in IT security. We make sure your network is constantly monitored, backed up and protected against hackers or a natural disaster. Since your intellectual property and data are the life blood of your business, we use an advanced threat management system to secure your business with anti-spam, firewalls, anti-virus needs and content filters.

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