American Management Technologies (AMT) Managed Services provides clients with unified management of the entire IT infrastructure including all devices, applications, networks and cloud while reducing up to 80% of the IT expenses on staffing and equipment for clients. Our advanced managed services infrastructure offers clients the following services:

Help Desk: Our toll-free number is made available to help with issues and receive technical support relating to the organization's IT infrastructure.

Onsite Support: Our skilled and experienced certified professionals are available to provide onsite technical support by going to your office to support your IT infrastructure. AMT will provide services such as: replace computer parts, cleanup viruses, and other regular maintenance.

Web Hosting: We'll design, maintain, and host your company's business website.

Scheduled Maintenance: We'll perform regular maintenance to your computers to ensure their properly working as well as handle minor repairs.

Remote Monitoring: Our 24 hour remote monitoring service will provide you with peace of mind at all times. If something goes wrong, the system alerts our tech staff and appropriate actions can be taken promptly to fix any issues.

Backup & Recovery: Your critical data and systems will be backed up and safely stored in the cloud. This way, data will not be lost and can be restored quickly as needed.

Security: Our security service will monitor the in and out traffic of your servers, computers, and critical business applications. We can also help meet security standards and auditing.

CRM: We help manage your customer's information with CRM databases.

Supply Chain Management: We help to manage your inventories and suppliers. We can also provide help with generating invoices and receipts.

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